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About Knapp Frazer Consulting

Founded in 1988, Knapp • Frazer Consulting is dedicated to assisting laboratories in providing quality, cost-effective services to their patients. Reference laboratories, multi-site laboratories, multi-specialty clinic laboratories, and POLs have benefited from its services.

Knapp • Frazer Consulting enjoys an excellent reputation among regulatory and accrediting agencies. Its presence during an inspection is likely to have a positive effect, reassuring your staff and indicating a "willingness to comply" to the inspector.

Owner and co-founder Margaret A Knapp is board-certified and registered with the American Society for Clinical Pathology and is licensed by California as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. Margaret has spent her entire career in laboratory medicine, working in hospital and independent laboratories, managing quality assessment activities, and supervising technical specialties. She is a published author of technical articles relating to laboratory medicine and regulatory issues.

In 1992 Margaret was recruited and hired by HCFA (now CMS) as a "CLIA expert" and performed approximately 50 first-round CLIA inspections in Region IX over a one-year period. She uses this rare "look at CLIA compliance from the other side of the fence" to prepare client laboratories for inspection by CLIA, state license boards, and accrediting agencies.

New patient access and privacy rules go into effect in October 2014.

Laboratories currently regulated by CLIA and HIPAA must have policies and procedures in place to provide access to a patient’s medical record, including lab results. Thirteen states currently have laws that prohibit this practice. These state laws will be superseded by the new federal regulations.

Labs must also inform patients of their rights regarding access to their protected health information and amend existing Notices of Privacy Practices (NPPs) accordingly. Information must include a description of how patients may avail themselves of these rights. Laboratories within larger organization and that do not have lab-specific NPP may operate under the larger entity’s NPP.